Critique a database schema for best practices

by @mjg
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  • update changelog
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • set up additional release tests - Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::ChangesHasContent - Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Test::MinimumVersion (set minomum to v5.12)
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • stop checking in builds to separate branches
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • replace woven POD with comments so that line numbers are the same between source and built code
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • change English $ARG back to $_ (THOWE++) It's better to go with what most Perl devs are used to than spelled- out English variables. Plus $ARG looks too much like $ARGV.
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • add more explicit authorind dependencies These match rules in perlcritic.rc or inline perlcritic exceptions
    2 Months Agopermalink
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