nodejs snippets and bindings for Sublime Text 2

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  • Merge pull request #50 from KrauseStefan/master Compatibility with Sublime 3
    5 Days Agopermalink
  • Fix: Copy pasted the functions: _output_to_view and scratch in a updated version compatible with sublime 3. They are copyed from the Git package.
    6 Days Agopermalink
  • Fix: Removed buggy implementations of is_enabled() function. A better one is needed that applies to nodejs instead of git.
    6 Days Agopermalink
  • Fix: Inlined CommandThread class to get rid of lib not found error
    6 Days Agopermalink
  • Merge pull request #38 from ArtFeel/patch-1 Fix error in
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • Merge pull request #43 from y-lan/master Fix the Node.js run broken in Windows.
    2 Months Agopermalink
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