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SharePublish company achievements, products and job postings for the Geeklist developer community to see and interact with.
ConnectBuild relationships within your community. Find people most interested in your company and connect with them.
CollaborateShare projects you are wanting to build in open source or find projects your company may wish to engage with.
Find TalentSearch for, find and connect with talent with the skills and interests that match your companies needs and culture.
Hire PeoplePost jobs for the community and connect with developers who are interested. Job posts get matched to your needs and private emails go to you and those available based on the skills selected.
Verified Company badgeBecome a Verified Company and gain advanced access and visibility to the community, letting them know it is really your company.
Listed in Verified Companies PageIncreased exposure with your Company listing. Premium spots are rotated randomly and provide increased visibility. See it here.
Private MessagingAccess to invite use the Private Messaging toolsfor 1 team account
Contact any userAbility granted to invite users not connected to you into private conversations. Take search and discovery to the next level with one seat for your company, find and invite passive job seekers to join you.
Ping geeks not connected to ConvosAbility to invite users not connected to Convos.
Video chatting for hiringConnect with users using audio and video with the latest WebRTC technology.
Spot in Featured Companies sectionMain page exposure to developers around the world.
Sponsored Company Community pageCustomize your own community page, find and connect directly with users from Geeklist that are interested in your product. Users subscribe and you provide extra community engagement.
Job postings upgradeWhen you post jobs in Geeklist they get free upgrades into communities of your choice as well as added visibility into premium job posting lists.up to 5 communities per posting($125 per listing value)
Customization of your Company pageAdd a custom masthead to your company page and showcase your products, send messages and promote your company.
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