:vhs: This is a project to achieve compiling programs for the Arduino without any external programs like the Arduino IDE. It uses all the standard programs you love so much: make, cc, ... This is also the only way I was able to flash arduino programs to microcontrollers with the stk500.

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  • Restructured folder structure, explained in README.rst
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Added support for tiny8 and tiny14 mcus. Added THANKS file.
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Added TODO.
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Added the path variable to the arduino sources too and renamed MAIN_PATH to AP_PATH.
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Added MAIN_PATH variable, now you only need one installation of ArduinoPure and can make the Makefile load the library and tools from your main ArduinoPure path.
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Cleaned up Makefile.arduino_mega
    6 Years Agopermalink
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