Redland Raptor RDF syntax library

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  • RSS 1.0 serializing default namespaces fixes. Separate default namespace from root element namespace - Root element is rdf:RDF for rss 1.0 always -Attributes are always rdf:name
    5 Days Agopermalink
  • Handle updated glibtoolize (OSX) name in --version
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • Merge pull request #28 from philjohn/patch-1 Fixing build errors using raptor2.spec
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • Update Added section to changelog
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • Fixing build errors using raptor2.spec The spec file uses the wrong libdir for raptor2, /usr/lib(|64)/raptor instead of /usr/lib(|64)/raptor2, it also excludes some files (.a and .la) that rpmbuild complains about.
    2 Months Agopermalink
  • 2015
    3 Months Agopermalink
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