Redland Raptor RDF syntax library

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  • Revert "sudo for OSX ln" This reverts commit 3ec59270cc09480d2ab15a9b5f21b78ced09c981.
    4 Weeks Agopermalink
  • sudo for OSX ln
    4 Weeks Agopermalink
  • 2.0.16 changes
    1 Month Agopermalink
  • Merge pull request #33 from schnitzeltony/master do additional checks on libxml2 when library is found
    1 Month Agopermalink
  • [travis] Make bison 3 binary in OSX PATH
    1 Month Agopermalink
  • do additional checks on libxml2 when library is found In yocto cross environments we must use pkg-config. Configuring with --without-xml2-config --without-curl-config causes | checking for LIBXML... yes | checking for libxml via pkg-config... yes - 2.9.2 | checking for LIBCURL... yes | checking for libcurl via pkg-config... yes - 7.44.0 | checking for ICU... no | checking for yajl installation... not found. Get it from and use --with-yajl=DIR if necessary to configure the installation directory. | checking GRDDL parser requirements... no - libxml2 and libxslt are both not available Applying this patch fixes configuration. Signed-off-by: Andreas Müller <>
    1 Month Agopermalink
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