Redland Raptor RDF syntax library

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  • Update .gitignore
    19 Hours Agopermalink
  • Merge pull request #29 from 0u812/cmake-update-squashed CMake build system upgrade to allow building from git sources
    19 Hours Agopermalink
  • Fixes for parallel make
    19 Hours Agopermalink
  • Fix atom results after serializer changes
    20 Hours Agopermalink
  • don't split echo command
    1 Day Agopermalink
  • Update appveyor.yml to let CMake build the lexers/parsers Also download latest Cygwin setup due to the one installed on appveyor being out of date Squashed commit of the following: commit 103bee37c4a215494f4929a00497ced9238c8164 Author: 0u812 <> Date: Thu Apr 23 14:20:30 2015 -0700 add CYG_SETUP_URL commit b4ef42b2c2449089a6295c19c2cced0bd485cade Author: 0u812 <> Date: Thu Apr 23 14:12:07 2015 -0700 download latest Cygwin setup commit 02d81375698a12b52ef4c0a61af2f105c214d5c7 Author: 0u812 <> Date: Wed Apr 22 23:24:55 2015 -0700 specify path to Cygwin-installed Perl/Bison/Flex in shared build as well commit 20e5181b1d2b098179d199e67d47ef24dbebafd9 Author: 0u812 <> Date: Wed Mar 4 16:01:44 2015 -0800 prevent appveyor script from generating parser tables (done in CMake instead)
    2 Days Agopermalink
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