The Geeklist Corps of Developers a technology-focused civic action organization.

Together we are creating the worlds largest Corps of tech leaders, trained and prepared to be First Technical Responders to problems, disaster relief initiatives, humanitarian relief and environmental and animal relief solutions.

Our vision is to unite the worlds software developers and tech industry leaders to find technical solutions to the worlds greatest social challenges.

We unite at #Hack4good events around the world to present problems, form teams and solve the problems using each of our individual strengths in technology. We are comprised of software engineers and hackers, ui/ux designers, product developers and managers, founders, leaders, thinkers and civic minded companies.

Participation is voluntary and the reward is helping people, animals and our environment become a better place for us and our children.

When problems are posed or disasters occur we would like all of our Corps members to be able to unite, just like we do for a global #hack4good hackathon, and build solutions on beckon call.

By participating in the Geeklist #Hack4Good you have earned your badge in the Corps. In the future, when disasters or humanitarian issues arise, we hope you will make the time to unite and help when and were you can. We will contact each of you privately to confirm your interest in participation and the addition of the participants badge to your Geeklist Profile.

Currently the Geeklist Corps of Engineers is by invitation only or open to Hack4Good participants past, present and future. The Geeklist Corps of Engineers stems from the passion and interest that #hack4good generates and the desire to apply what we all learn in these events to real life needs. The Corps is an evergreen project.

"Let's hack a better world together" -- Reuben Katz

For more information or to get involved email