Bigger Golem is an extension that aims to bring a variety of improvements to the popular turn-based board game site Little Golem.

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  • Adding .DS_Store to gitignore
    4 Years Agopermalink
  • Minor version bump. Chrome extension gallery requires it.
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Merge branch 'master' of into xentac-master
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Don't show the badge unless there are games with moves in them It doesn't make sense to show a badge with 0 in it. It gets me excited unnecessarily.
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Made clicking the icon open up the games page rather than displaying options. Options can still be reached by right-clicking the icon and selecting "Options".
    6 Years Agopermalink
  • Upped version number to 1.1.
    6 Years Agopermalink
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